5 science-backed reasons why you shouldn’t be skeptical about the Covid-19 vaccine

1. These “new” vaccines have been under study for many years.

2. Receiving an mRNA vaccine will NOT alter your DNA or genetics.

3. Receiving a vaccine will not give you Covid-19.

4. Getting vaccinated can help prevent you from getting sick with Covid-19.

5. If you do get Covid-19, if you’ve had a vaccination, you’ll likely be only mildly sick.

FDA commissioner denies political pressure led to quick FDA authorization of Pfizer vaccine

It would be “foolhardy” to suggest 1 dose of Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine is enough, FDA official says

UPS details extensive process that will be used to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine

US Covid-19 vaccine authorization is an “important milestone,” BioNTech CEO says




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